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Guidelines when Selecting Diabetic Shoes

Guidelines when Selecting Diabetic Shoes

In our other blog, we shared how important diabetic shoes are to persons with diabetes. For those who have been questioning the necessity of getting diabetic shoes, that particular post enlightened us of the great benefits of these shoes when our loved one is diagnosed with the health conditions.

Now, how do we know that we’ve found the most-suited diabetic shoes for us or our loved ones? Here are our recommendations as a trusted Pharmacy in Glendale, California.

  • Have a Foot Care Plan
    When you have diabetes, your foot is one of the body organs that can easily get infected. You need to ensure that you’re practicing the right foot care plan so that you can be guided as to the best shoe option for you. In particular, you need to always check that your feet don’t have blisters, scratches, or any minor wound, which can be infected when you have diabetes.
  • Know Where to Buy
    There are many options about where to buy your diabetic shoes. There are even athletic shoe stores that provide this type. Whether you get this diabetic shoe in a Medical Pharmacy or in a mall, make sure that it’s a trusted establishment. If possible, get the recommendation of your doctor or other people that you know and trust.
  • Bring Old Shoes
    These old shoes contain a picture of how your feet can wear down a shoe. With this picture, they can already help you select the best kind of diabetic shoes that best fit your weight, size, and even activities. In addition to that, wear socks when you’re trying on these shoes. Put on the kind of socks that you always wear so that you will have a glimpse of how the shoes feel like when you put on socks.
  • Walk with the Shoes
    As you make your selection, put on the shoes and try walking with it. You need to be able to feel comfortable in it. The shoes should not feel tight, the arch support is firm, and the forefoot should bend in the same way that your toes bend.
  • Try Twisting Your Feet
    Since you will be using these diabetic shoes for your regular activities, you need to test your selected shoe for some twist action. You need to be able to feel that even when you twist your foot, the shoes still feel comfortable. This level of comfort can encourage you to be mobile and, as a result, help you to maintain an active lifestyle.

Are you now ready to select your diabetic shoes? We hope that these guidelines can help you select the right shoes to best fit your foot. As a provider of Medical Supplies in California, you can also inquire about our diabetic shoes if you’re looking for a pair. Simply contact us at Arianna Medical Pharmacy so our licensed pharmacists can answer your inquiries.

If you have other concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out. Also, tag a friend who needs to read this post!

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