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How Your Family Benefits from Getting Flu Vaccines?

How Your Family Benefits from Getting Flu Vaccines?

Every year, different strains of flu viruses arise. For this reason, getting a flu shot is recommended. However, some of us still think that getting a flu vaccine is not that important. It can just be an added expense on the pocket.

For that, let us consider how getting flu shots can, in fact, be beneficial for you and help you save money.

  • Prevents Flu
    Of course, getting a flu vaccine can protect you from acquiring flu, which is a very contagious disease. When you get sick with flu, many of your personal responsibilities can be affected. You can also infect the rest of your family members. When many of your loved ones get sick, you might spend for medication or hospitalization costs. These unwanted expenses can be reduced when you are protected from flu.
  • Protects Vulnerable Family Members
    If we have infants or seniors in the family, flu can bring complications to their health, which can result in hospitalization. However, when you provide them with flu shots, you can save the cost that might be spent when they get hospitalized or when their health suffers. Our Pharmacy in Glendale, California can assist you in getting flu shots for your family.
  • Prevents Chronic Complications
    Flu is associated with chronic complications especially if we have family members who have chronic illnesses. Illnesses such as heart and respiratory problems can easily escalate when the person develops flu. The risk increases, even more, when your loved one has had a cardiac arrest incident in the past.
  • Protects Pregnant Women and Newborn Baby
    When a pregnant woman is given a flu shot from our Medical Pharmacy, they can get protected from having flu and reduce their risks of getting hospitalized due to flu. Because pregnancy is very delicate, expectant moms can truly benefit from having a flu vaccine. Furthermore, newborn babies can also be protected from flu when their mom had a flu shot. They receive the antibodies from their mom, which protect them in the early months after birth.
  • Reduces Severity
    If you have been administered with a flu shot, the severity of your flu can be reduced if ever you still get sick with the virus. Your chances of getting admitted to the intensive care unit or being hospitalized for long can be minimized because of your earlier protection.
  • Protects People Around You
    When you receive flu shots, you’re also protecting those around you from getting the flu. When you cannot pass on the virus, then your family members or coworkers can have lower chances of getting sick with flu.

Would you like your family to receive flu shots? Coordinate with us at Arianna Medical Pharmacy, your trusted provider of quality medications and Medical Supplies in California. If you also have questions about vaccinations, our friendly pharmacists can enlighten you with helpful answers.

For your additional inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Feel free to share this post with a loved one.

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