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4 Significant Benefits You Get from Using Diabetic Shoes


“Do diabetics really need special shoes?”, that may be one of the questions going through your mind as you skim through this article. The answer? A resounding YES.

As the name of the product implies, diabetic shoes were invented specifically to address common discomforts a diabetic may have with their feet.

In case you’re curious, wearing diabetic footwear is beneficial for you because…

  1. It can prevent calluses. Calluses are the result of skin constantly rubbing against the inside of your shoe. Normally, they function to protect the skin layer from injury. But over time, they can harden, crack, and result to injury which leads to infection. And when you have diabetes, an infection can bring a lot of health complications. However, diabetic shoes prevent that from happening because it is specially designed to support the feet in a way that calluses can be prevented. And if no calluses are formed, then there would be no cause for infection either.
  2. It can improve posture. Calluses don’t just cause the skin to crack. When they get thick enough, they can fill in the space between the foot and a regular shoe resulting in a high amount of pressure. As the pressure continues to build up, so does the pain that comes with it. And because of that, some diabetics end up changing their stance in a way that makes their feet more comfortable regardless of how it may affect their posture. But with diabetic shoes on, you won’t have to worry about pesky calluses from forming. Not only is it a protective type of footwear, but a comfortable one too. It’s so satisfying it can even motivate you to stay physically active!
  3. It can boost blood circulation. Poor blood circulation has been a running problem among diabetics. And that’s a bad thing because it can hinder the process of wound healing. This leaves cuts and scrapes open to opportunistic germs which eventually bring about infection. However, with diabetic shoes on, that should no longer be a problem. This special footwear is crafted in a way that they won’t hinder blood circulation to the feet.
  4. It can stop foot problems before they occur. Numbing at the extremities, skin infections, delayed wound healing… these are just a few of the problems you will have to worry about when you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes. But with proper hygiene and the use of diabetic shoes, you should be able to improve your foot health significantly. Get a hold of your very own pair of diabetic shoes at Arianna Medical Pharmacy. We are a reliable Pharmacy in Glendale, California, that doesn’t just render efficient pharmacy services, but we also deliver highly durable Medical Supplies in California.

Would you like to know more about diabetic footwear? Don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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