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Tips to Improve Medication Adherence in Children

Tips to Improve Medication Adherence in Children

Many parents know that giving medicines to children can feel like a battle. Children may dislike medicines for various reasons. When they don’t take the medicines, this non-adherence may result to more health consequences. Still, it doesn’t do away with the reason why they should take their meds.

So as a Pharmacy in Glendale, California, we share the following tips to help you assist your child towards better medication adherence.

  • Maintain a Cheerful Attitude
    We understand when parents find this tip difficult to achieve all the time. After all, it can be truly frustrating to encourage children to take their medicines and they keep on refusing. Still, try your best to be cheerful. Your frustration can discourage them even more. As a result, their adherence can be affected.
  • Let the Children Have Some Control
    It can also be helpful for children to handle their own medication, but of course, with your supervision. For instance, let them hold the measuring cup that contains their syrup. This way, they can drink this on their own if they are old enough. Having this sense of control can be an eye-opening prospect for a child.
  • Change the Flavor
    As a Medical Pharmacy, we also know that certain flavors can be appealing to children. Consider changing the medicine’s flavor. You can also mix the medicine with special flavors such as fruit shakes or chocolates. However, before you do this, consult with their pediatrician first. Inquire if their medicines will not have any adverse reaction if mixed with food or beverage.
  • Numb the Tongue
    For older children, it can also be helpful if they eat some ice cubes first before taking the medicines. The cold temperature can numb the tongue for a few seconds. While the tongue is numb, they won’t taste the full bitterness of the medicine.
  • Start a Reward System
    Children are delighted with rewards. You can use this strategy to encourage them to take their medicines properly. Yet, make sure that you follow through with these rewards so that children will not learn to distrust.
  • Pinch their Nose
    Your children may also dislike taking the medicine because of how the medicine smells. To overcome this, pinch their nose so they will not smell anything. When their nose is closed, it can also prompt them to open their mouth wider as you give them the medication.
  • Seek the Pediatrician’s Help
    Some children will listen more to their doctor. If you sense that your children might consider the word of their doctor before yours, get the doctor’s help.

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