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Checklist When Choosing the Right Rollator

 Checklist When Choosing the Right Rollator

The rollator is a mobility device that has wheels. It is a walker but with wheels. The Rollator is just one of the many mobility aids to help a person with mobility challenges. You can find rollators in pharmacies that also provide Medical Supplies in California.

Do you have a loved one with mobility difficulties? Are you thinking of giving them a rollator? If so, consider the following guidelines as your checklist in selecting the most suitable rollator for your loved one.

  • Brakes

    Because rollators have wheels, it is essential that you know if their brakes are in operational condition. With well-functioning brakes, patients can move freely and smoothly. As a result, the person can feel more independent despite their mobility challenge. The brakes of a rollator come in different types, which include the following:

    • Pressure Brakes

      This is a type of brake that works when the rollator is pushed forward. If the person leans forward on the rollator, the wheels will stop turning. This type of brake is helpful if the patient is able to have control of their arms. Meanwhile, patients with very hard grips cannot take the full benefits of rollators with pressure brakes.

    • Cable Brakes

      These brakes work the same way as bicycles. This means that the patient can control their movement by pressing on the cable brake with their hands. However, they need to be careful because cable brakes can stop all of a sudden. As a result, the person may accidentally fall forward.

    • Locking Brakes

      These are rollators that have brakes that you can lock. With this feature, the patient doesn’t need to continue holding on the cable brake or pushing the rollator forward. This type of brake is helpful for patients who cannot make a strong grip for a long period of time.

  • Weight

    When you’re going to select the best rollator from a Pharmacy in Glendale, California, ensure that the weight is fitted to the person who will use it. Because rollators need to be lifted while walking, the patient should have the strength enough to walk in this manner. If they cannot lift the rollator with their arms, then find the lighter model of the rollator.

  • Wheels

    Rollators have different types of wheels that can help determine if these are good indoors or outdoors. The smaller wheels are best for rollators indoors as these can navigate through the carpet floor. Some wheels may also need pumping in order to work.

These are among the important features you need to consider when you are looking for a rollator. When you go look for one, take your loved one with you. This way, you can measure the right fit for your loved one’s condition. If you’re looking for these supplies, come to our Medical Pharmacy at Arianna Medical Pharmacy. For your inquiries, contact us.

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