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Tips: How to Manage Medication Risks

Tips: How to Manage Medication Risks

We take medicines to treat our ailments, relieve our pains, and maintain our health goals. For most of us even, taking medicines is a routine that we need to practice for the rest of our lives. However, medicines have their own benefits and risks. While these can help us feel better, we also need to know that there are risks that need addressing so that the optimum effect is attained.

You can always ask about the risks of your medicines from a pharmacist in a Pharmacy in Glendale, California. But to make it easier for you, let us share with you these helpful tips so that risk management can be achieved. Consider the following:

  • Coordinate with Your Healthcare Team

    Your healthcare team includes your doctor, pharmacists, and other practitioners of health care. You need to have proper coordination when it comes to your medication to ensure that you are adhering correctly. For instance, if you’ve been given a new prescription, your Medical Pharmacy should know about this update so you can be provided with the correct medication. Your doctor can also advise you with other prescriptions if you show allergic reactions to your medicines.

  • Get to Know Your Medicines

    Whether you’re taking prescription or over-the-counter medicines, it is vital that you know their details. Know that you have taken the exact medicine you need. Know how much dosage is right for your age and condition. Know how to properly store the medicine. Know how to address missed doses. Know what side effects to expect and how to handle these. If you get sufficient information about your medicine, you can be able to reduce risks that might happen.

  • Read Medicine Label

    Medication labels contain important information on how the patient can properly and correctly take medicine. It is a wise practice to read these labels so that you can verify if you’re taking the right medication and if you have followed the correct instruction. Ensure that you can understand the instructions before taking the medicine so that you can avoid further complications.

  • Prevent Drug-to-drug Interactions

    Some medicines react negatively to other medicines. Before you take a new prescription or over-the-counter drug, make sure that you know whether this reacts negatively to your present intake. To help you out with this information, ask your doctor or pharmacist and they can provide you with the answer you need.

  • Monitor Medicine Effects

    It is also vital to monitor how your medicines have been affecting you, whether these have been effective or not. Take note of any possible reaction such as dizziness or upset stomach. Knowing these effects help you be in charge of your future medications.

If you have other medication concerns or if you need Medical Supplies in California, you can freely approach us at Arianna Medical Pharmacy. We will be glad to answer your inquiries and assist you with helpful recommendations to make your medication management more attainable.

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