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Medical Supplies for Your Diabetic Loved Ones at Home

Medical Supplies for Your Diabetic Loved Ones at Home

Diabetes is another common disease many people face. Although it’s possible to reverse the signs of Type 1 diabetes, the Type 2 variety is an ongoing one. But whatever type your loved one is diagnosed with, make sure to visit a pharmacy in Glendale, California, and buy these supplies. These will help them recover or manage their condition effectively.

  • Consumables
    To make your shopping easier, buy the consumable items from the medical pharmacy in bulk or set a schedule for a synchronized refill. Specifically, make sure you always have the following items:

    • Glucose tablets
    • Prescription medication
    • Low-sugar drinks (e.g., fresh, unsweetened fruit juices and extracts, tea)
    • Skincare supplies (e.g., skin moisturizer, mild shampoo, antibiotic cream)
  • Non-Consumables
    Aside from consumables, it’s also wise to have durable medical supplies in California to uphold the patients’ quality of living and medication compliance. The following are the essential ones to have:

    • Mobility aids (e.g., walking sticks, walkers, wheelchairs)
    • Glucose monitoring supplies (e.g., lancing devices, testing strips, home ketone test)
    • Dental care supplies (e.g., dental floss, soft-bristled toothbrush)
    • Blood pressure monitor
    • Insulin injection supplies (e.g., needles, syringes, reusable insulin pens)
    • Foot care supplies (e.g., toenail scissors, padded socks)
    • Weight scale
    • Therapeutic shoes

With these supplies, you can support your loved ones with diabetes more effectively at home. If you’re now ready to shop, visit or contact Arianna Medical Pharmacy.

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