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Got Diabetic Loved Ones? Have These Essentials at Home

Got Diabetic Loved Ones? Have These Essentials at Home

Yes, it’s possible to manage diabetes. There are even people who were able to reverse it and stick to a healthy blood sugar level. The secret is to have all the essentials you need from a reputable pharmacy in Glendale, California. If you’re trying to help a loved one manage diabetes, these are the essentials to have at home:

  • Blood Sugar Monitoring and Other Testing Supplies
    Have glucose monitors and testing strips to keep track of the patients’ blood sugar levels. It’s also good to have a home ketone test kit. Also, monitor their blood pressure and cholesterol level to adjust their diet as necessary. You can get all these testing tools and medical supplies in California.
  • Skin and Foot Care Supplies
    Diabetic patients often have dry skin and cuts or wounds that take a while to heal. So, make sure to have the right skin moisturizer, soap, antibiotic ointment, and mild shampoo for their skincare. Also, buy them a pair of diabetic shoes, slippers, and padded socks.
  • Insulin and Related Products and Supplies
    If they’re already taking insulin, make sure to schedule their refills strategically to avoid running out of supplies. Also, stock up on needles, syringes, glucose gels, infusion sets, and glucagon shot kits. Make sure to get these at a reputable medical pharmacy to ensure quality products.
  • Condition-Specific Diet Plan and Food Stash
    Success in diabetes management relies heavily on well the patients control their eating habits and food choices. So, help them make better choices by stocking up on low-glycemic and low-fat foods.

With these supplies at home, managing diabetes would be much easier. Just source your tools, meds, and supplements from Arianna Medical Pharmacy for top-notch products.

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