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Mental Health Routines for Elderly People with Limited Mobility

Mental Health Routines for Elderly People with Limited Mobility

Travel is easily the best cure for boredom, anxiety, and other mental health concerns. But do you have loved ones who can’t travel due to chronic diseases or injuries? Make sure to buy all the meds they need from a pharmacy in Glendale, California to support their health. Then, encourage them to do the following routines for their mental health:

  • Practice meditation at strategic times of the day.
    Practicing positive visualization first thing in the morning can set their mood for the day. Doing basic stretching exercises help maintain the remaining strength of their limbs. Plus, meditation with music before going to sleep could aid their sleep quality.
  • Take advantage of aromatherapy services at home.
    Aromatherapy and other alternative therapies (ex: massage, art, or music therapy) have been proven to alleviate the pain and stress of patients. For example, lavender and chamomile are two of the commonly used sleep-inducing scents. You can buy these along with the prescribed medical supplies in California.
  • Set a time for hobbies and games.
    Aside from travel, doing hobbies and indoor games with loved ones could also boost the morale of people with limited mobility. You could play board games and puzzles before or after dinner. And allow them to do some crafts, gardening, and other creative works at their preferred time of the day.
  • Make time for self-care routines.
    Hire a personal care assistant to help your loved ones with their hygiene routines. Proper bathing and grooming contribute a lot to the comfort of the patient. Plus, they’ll be able to enjoy a good night’s rest if they feel clean, fresh, and comfy.

Are you looking to get all the equipment and items needed to carry out these activities? Get your medical supplies at Arianna Medical Pharmacy, a reputable medical pharmacy in California.

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