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5 Tips to Improve Your Medication Adherence


On a scale of one to ten, with one being the lowest, how would you rate yourself in terms of medication adherence? Do you follow your doctor’s instructions as they expect you to? Or are you the type to follow your own rules?

A lot of people tend to overlook the specifications about when and how they should take their medicine. After all, missing your dose for a couple of hours shouldn’t be a problem, right?

While this instance may not necessarily bring observable side effects, it may, however, alter the efficacy of your treatment in the long run. So, to conclude? Medication adherence is an important part of the success of your treatment.

You can improve your compliance when you take a bit of effort to:

  1. Understand your drug administration procedure. Different kinds of medication require different types of administration. While most of them are taken as a pill through the mouth, other forms of medicine may be applied directly on the skin, through an injection, etc. To ensure that you are going about the right process, always check the drug insert to be safe.
  2. Organize your pills ahead of time. If you’ve been prescribed with multiple medications, it’s easy to forget taking one or two at a time. And when that happens, your whole schedule gets affected. At times, it might even put you at risk for doubling a dose mistakenly. However, you can avoid all that simply by preparing the medication you need to take, at least a week ahead. If you want, you can even make use of a pill organizer for easier storage and management.
  3. Structure your daily activities. Do you keep forgetting to take your pills? It might be because you keep taking them at different intervals during the day. Try creating a daily schedule and sticking to it. This should reinforce the process of taking medicine and make it a part of your daily habit. If you like, set an alarm to personally remind you of your medication.
  4. Use your creativity. Everyone taps into their memory in a unique way. If you’re used to utilizing to-do lists to keep your tasks in line, you can make use of that for your medication management. If you prefer to post sticky notes to remind you, you can use that too. Don’t be afraid to try out new things that can improve your medication adherence. You might just find a technique that works perfectly for you.
  5. Consult your pharmacist. If you’re unsure about anything with regards to your medication, you can always approach the pharmacists at Arianna Medical Pharmacy. As a highly reputable Pharmacy in Glendale, California, you can trust that we will deliver expert advice, quality medication, and durable Medical Supplies in California.

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