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The Importance of Flu Vaccination for Your Child


Ensuring your child’s safety is always a primary concern but despite the advocacy of medical health professionals for children’s vaccination, not every parent is open to the idea of getting their child vaccinated. While we understand the fear and hesitation, we are also aware that a lot of these doubts stem from the lack of access to proper information. The pharmacists of Arianna Medical Pharmacy are here to enlighten you on the importance of flu shots for your kids’ health.

  • Protects Your Child From DiseasesWhen you book an appointment for your child’s annual immunization, not only does it help in protecting them from deadly diseases like Polio or Tetanus, and even seasonal illnesses like the Flu but the severity of the symptoms of the disease can also be reduced.

    The attending medical workers in Pharmacy in Glendale, Californiasuggests that the ideal time for your child to get their flu shot would be at the end of October.

  • Stops the Spread of Contagious Diseases

    It has been scientifically proven that vaccines prevent the spread of infectious disease in the community because it improves a person’s immune system’s ability to fight viruses and bacteria. Because vaccines are made from dead bacteria or the bacteria’s genetic code, it tricks the immune system to produce antibodies without experiencing the disease’s symptoms. This is helpful, especially with vulnerable members of the population like the elderly and children.

  • They can be Given to Children

    Even a child as young as 6 months old can already have their first vaccination in any nearby hospital or Medical Pharmacy.

Take note that not every vaccination has a hundred percent efficacy, so doing your own research will help you.

To strengthen your baby’s immune system, we have vaccination shots available in our Medical Supplies in California.

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