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Getting Smart with Medication Safety When You Have Diabetes


As one of the untreatable illnesses affecting our country today, diabetes needs a higher level of management for those (or with family members who are) diagnosed with the condition. In our Pharmacy in Glendale, California, we have the supplies and medications needed when your diabetes need to be controlled.

Along with that, here are safety tips to consider when managing your diabetes while taking other medications on the side:

  • Talk with Your Doctor
    Your primary physician is fully and professionally aware of your current medications and supplements. Whenever you need to take other medications for your diabetes or other existing conditions, ensure that they know about it. Their advice can give you an upper hand against risky drug interactions.
  • Follow Doctor’s Instructions
    Your doctor is going to prescribe you with treatments and doses that you have to seriously comply. Ensure that you can get their clarifications and answers whenever you have confusions about their instructions. While a Medical Pharmacy can help you in smoothing out medical questions, you should be able to get your answers from your doctor first.
  • Check Your Blood Sugar
    As diabetes is largely affected by the sugar level in your bloodstream, you have to constantly check if you’re still having the normal level. If you’re taking other medications or supplements, some of them can trigger the increase of your blood sugar. Be ready always with glucose testers which you can procure from a provider of Medical Supplies in California.
  • Regulate or Reduce Alcohol Intake
    There are many oral medications that can get complicated when the patient drinks alcohol. As much as possible, limit your alcohol intake.
  • Get the Required Blood Tests
    Your doctor will require you to undergo some blood tests to evaluate your sugar level on a regular basis. This can help them evaluate if your management practices are helping you or if you need to undertake many changes.
  • Store Medications
    Ensure that your medicines are also stored properly so you won’t be taking compromised drugs. Follow the storage indication at the medicine’s label. In many cases, the ideal storage places are those which are dark and cool areas.
  • Check for Expiration
    Ensure that the medications you’re taking are not yet expired. Even if you’re refilling your medications, make it your habit to check the expiration date just to be sure that your supplies are up to date.

In your next diabetes prescription or other oral medications to take, don’t hesitate to get your supplies or have them refilled at Arianna Medical Pharmacy. You can also make your inquiries from our team of experienced and licensed pharmacists so that they can guide you towards some more effective ways to manage diabetes.

When you have medication-related questions that you forgot to ask from your doctor, feel free to ask them from our team and we will be glad to assist you. If you’re interested in our services, contact us.


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