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Concierge Pharmacy in Glendale, California

We offer various diabetic shoe designs. You may select from our in-store selection or order from our extensive catalog. We will take your precise measurements and build your custom shoes. Diabetic shoes, also known as therapeutic shoes, and customized orthotics work together as a preventative system to help diabetics avoid foot injuries and improve mobility. The primary goal of therapeutic footwear is to prevent complications, such as: strain, ulcers, calluses, or even amputations for patients with diabetes and poor circulation.

When looking for diabetic shoes, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Your diabetic shoes should have a high and wide space in the toe box (toe area of the shoe) to prevent chafing and pinching that can harm the toes.
  • Your diabetic shoes should fit well. A diabetic shoe with an adjustable closure — such as hook-and-loop — often provides the best fit since you can make it larger or smaller as needed.
  • Remember to do your shoe shopping in the afternoon. Feet tend to swell up in the afternoon making shoes bought in the morning feel too tight.
  • Your diabetic shoes should have comfortable yet removable insoles for fitting flexibility and the option to insert orthotics.
  • Your diabetic shoes should have a firm heel to aid in support and stability.
  • Your diabetic shoes should protect your feet.
  • As diabetics are at great risk for developing friction related injuries we recommend shoes with rocker soles, which are designed to reduce pressure in all foot areas as the shoe “rocks” from heel-strike through toe-off due to a curved sole thus reducing pressure on the foot, ankle, toes, and metatarsals.
  • It’s also important to remember to wear seamless diabetes socks and stockings along with your diabetic shoes to keep moisture away from your feet.